Dave Grumble


My son got religion

Well we Christened our son at the weekend it was a good day all round
had good grub and good company. Building a website for a new night club so I had better get on with it.


From the depths of baby land

Well that was a nice break lets see what have you missed. First off new arrival named joeseph showed up at last and he is partly to blame for my lack of recent posting. I was often told by parents of children that having two kids was no more difficult than having one. I would like to dispel that myth imediateley it is not just the same it is like having to do the whole thing over again but now you can only use one hand. This does not mean however that this one is any less astounding its just I lack the energy to babble on about it incessantly.

what else have you missed yea work sucks which is dissapointing this particular job was meant to be difficult but deffinetley not sucky I wont Elaborate on that to much the only thing that would make this job more sucky would be not having it.

Thats about all for now I have plenty grumbles of which I shall inform you of in coming days but for now you'll have to be content with the summary.