Dave Grumble


sympathy for the devil

I have had an Epiphany. The missus is currently carrying our second baby and as she is now eight months along she is feeling rather swollen. This however has not stopped her commenting on the fact that I to seem to have swelled a bit myself. Well usually in response to such a comment I just strike a pose that is so sexy that she swoons and forgets she ever said anything.

However This time I stopped and thought about why some men, Maybe all men, Gain weight while there partner is expecting. Is it some spiritual link that that causes your body to mimic that of your impregnated missus? or perhaps its some deep seated neanderthal need not to seem small or waif like when walking beside a extremley large woman.

Well my freinds I have found the answer and it is none of the above! it is much more simple and yet more devious than that. A woman will treat herself to all sorts of extravagant goodies during pregancy reason being they have a nine month holiday from the social pressures that usually stop them having that extra slice. This leads to all manner of unhealthy snacks being readily available and what with her relaxing her regime it is almost impossible to ignore temptation.

So in conclusion I find myself not at fault for this weight gain it is just one more thing partners of pregnant people have to contend with.



Just had a very Irate customer rip me a new one over the phone
a very uncomfortable feeling. People get pissed when a precision cutting company
is not as precise as it should be. Well shit happens an theres nothing I can do about it now just thought I'd vent a bit


Venting complete. I can get on with my day


the updating my blog blues

Woke up this morning (den de de den......sing along)
The guilt was imence (den de de den)

I havent updated my blog for a long time (den de de den)
An my conscience is startin to whine

I got the nothin to type, shagall to say meloncholy blues (insert budwieser slide guitar here)

Oh yeah



Last thursday I trundled along to a new venture in theatre called playspace
as someone who likes all things creative. The idea was extremley appealling
it was basically setup as a byweekly meeting for people with intrests in theatre
to meet discuss and learn more about that thing they love.

The first night went extremley well and i hope that the attitude continues
as the weeks progress. The part that I really liked was the fact that there was no goal or deadline i.e. a performance, although I dare say a few will grow out of it.

So if I am involved in a show I dont have to suffer the usual anticlimax we all feel at the end of a show because playspace is there to keep the mind sharp.

So bravo I say to Bob and John for getting it up and going.