Dave Grumble


On a lighter note

I lost my bosses wages cheque....bugger!
I was going to the bank to cash my own and he asked me to cash his so off I went happy to earn the brownie points.
When I reached the bank I realised I was short one cheque. Somewhere along a ten minute walk a cheque had made a bid for freedom. My boss was a little irate about the whole thing
he didnt seem to think that cheques had the right to wander off by themselves. I though I was in for a day of surly muttering so in order to combat this I started humming the Beatles yellow submarine. But just as I got to the chorus the phone rang. Somebody had managed to recapture the cheque at the local bus station (totally true!) and so my irate boss calmed down.
Man that so far has been the highlight of my day!

I need a new life


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