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Defining spirituality

I was driving into work this morning while listening to some talk radio. They were embroiled in a discussion about spirituality and what it is , means, etc. This was the third time that topic came up for me in the last week so I reckoned a post was in order.

So what is the definition of this word that seems to get people so excited.

well the dictonary says that it is "the quality or state of being spirtual"
now that was helpful.

Here are my thoughts on the matter for what they are worth.

Spirituality is unique to each individual. Each persons physical mental needs are different and so to are their spiritual needs. Practising your own form of spirituality helps to keep you centred.

What do I mean by centred?
For me its like having the world put into perspective you find that all the things that were vital to your happiness like respect from your peers, money, companionship basically everything popular culture tells us we need, lose their significance and become background noise.

I have found that through spiritual practice my happiness isnt dependant on my environment or situation. It has helped me accept who I am and who I want to be. It has also helped me deal with difficulties in my life by keeping them in perspective.

So what is spiritual practice
My spiritual practises include:
praying - Helps me to define whats bothering me
meditation - Helps me to forget that I am bothered by something
Reki - Helps me stay relaxed and energised

Now if i said practised all these things every day I'd be a filthy liar but I do them when I feel bogged down in the daily grind or when something about myself is bothering me.

There is now a multi billion dollar industry built around self help and spirituality
from alchemists to control boxes from atlantis. Its there because people are searching for purpose, validation and a whole dose of other words. Nothing anybody else can tell you will answer your own questions entirely the best you can hope for is a bit of guidance.

For me its something that keeps my feet on the ground and my head out of my ass
for you who knows, the only hard and fast rules I found is that it cant be harmfull to yourself or others around you

anyway now that I have further muddied the spiritual waters I better go and do some work


From Body Slams to Boddhisatwas

Well That was a strange weekend!

Friday evening I went to the local community hall to meet my brother Gerry.
He had asked myself and a mate to come down and film the wrestling show he had help to organise.

Nothing could have prepared me for the sight that greeted me on entering the hall.
It was like the worst australian soap opera combined with an american fitness video.

These guys bedecked in the most garish spandex fashion atrocities known to man
were yelling and shouting and throwing each other, quite deftly I might add, around the ring.
The air of pantomine was infectious I kept waiting for the "Oh no he didnt" and even though reality had been left at the front door there were certain manouvers where I caught myself going "oooooooh that had to hurt".

The performance was only slightly marred when one wrestler walked passed the heavy Iron tripods to pick up a soft, although large stuffed toy and proceed to beat his opponent into submission.

Much tribute must therefore be paid to my bruv and the boys in Irish whip wrestling for what was a most bizzarre but strangely enjoyable way to spend a friday

In total counter part to my friday evening. My Sunday afternoon was spent in the presence of a Boddhisatwas or Holy person to the layman she was an amazing woman to watch and my daughter who is quite good at reading people spent most of the day sitting on her knee as if they were old pals (if I could get her to sit on my knee for 1 tenth of that time I would be stunned).

Now heres the weird part. She offered to bless my wifes belly (her belly is currently inhabited by a baby) but the cost would be €50.00 (holy moly!) the problem was I only had €40.00 on me. I went out side for a smoke thinking about how dissapointed my wife would be if she couldnt go ahead with the blessing and low and behold there was a fresh€10.00 note staring me in the face. So I said fair enough I get the point.

The blessing took a half hour and my wife looked like she had spent a week in a luxury spa.
I dont know if it was psychosomatic or something else but anything that puts the pregnant lady in that good a mood gets my vote either way!

So there ye go from one extreme to the other. Next weekend I am going to atempt to watch gerry springer while ascending to a higher state of consciousness ...Ohmmmmmmmmm.


Waiting on the van man

Stuck at work waiting for the boss to come back with the van (my van) so I can go home
So i'm going to pass the time rambling here on my blog. Intresting discussion with the frogster earlier http://sinisilma.blogspot.com/ about my whole Israely thing based on that discussion I have drawn a conclusion.

In general (ye gotta love those generalisations) we find it easier to argue about other peoples take on a subject than to express and defend our own. We know what their saying isnt right but we're not sure what is.

Wahay the boss is back so I'm off

On a lighter note

I lost my bosses wages cheque....bugger!
I was going to the bank to cash my own and he asked me to cash his so off I went happy to earn the brownie points.
When I reached the bank I realised I was short one cheque. Somewhere along a ten minute walk a cheque had made a bid for freedom. My boss was a little irate about the whole thing
he didnt seem to think that cheques had the right to wander off by themselves. I though I was in for a day of surly muttering so in order to combat this I started humming the Beatles yellow submarine. But just as I got to the chorus the phone rang. Somebody had managed to recapture the cheque at the local bus station (totally true!) and so my irate boss calmed down.
Man that so far has been the highlight of my day!

I need a new life

Learnin stuff

Well I've spent the last week educating meself. after following the news coverage on the recent carry on in Israel I decided I didnt know enough to make up my mind on what I thought about the whole thing. So in an effort to use this internet thing properly I decided to try and gain a basic understanding of the Arab Israely conflict. After many false starts and many heavily Biased articles I hit on this page http://www.mideastweb.org/briefhistory.htm#Recent%20Events Which gives as near as I can tell a fairly balanced view on the whole shabang.

Anyway I cant say I side with either Arab or Israely in the current situation the Arab side seems intent on baiting the Israely (is that how you spell israely?) into aggresive retaleation so they can say hey look at the israel how brutal are they? but the Israely side seems to continually play into their hands and in the meantime the normal everyday civillians are getting butchered. I know that this isnt even scratching the surface of the whole thing and I may have opened a whole can of worms just by mentioning it but I wouldnt mind finding out what you out there think so please let me know what your take on this whole thing is.


Well enough about you

Well now I guess I better give you a basic description of who I am
Dave born 1980 raised in sligo (north west Ireland) Moved to Leitrim (north west Ireland) 2 years ago with my wife and daughter (thats them below).
Expecting another new arrival in September (yay!) As for the rest well Ill leave that up to your imagination
well Ill probably write more later today but for now that's all folks!


Well look at that

you are working well thats that I have a blog.
this is probably gonna take a while to get into the swing of
so if your reading this come back in about a month hopefully I will
have matured into a somewhat mature blogger.... well probably not

anyway why blog? well not sure really. Ill get back to you on that
suffice to say I have spent some time reading some other blogs and
it seems to be a good way of snapshoting perticular attitudes or frames of mind

and the added bonus of perhaps instigating comment or discussion. For now such high minded ideals are to be reserved for when my grammar and spelling has improved enough for other people to follow

anyway we'll see how long this lasts

Well lets see if this works

Are you working